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Posted by Admin at 2017-04-29 22:32:03
Dear Direct Connect server developers:

» NMDC PROTOCOL - $Lock has to have hubsoft name somewhere before PK, and PK = soft version.
» ADC PROTOCOL - IINF APhubsoftname\s VEhubsoft version\s +whatever else is provided. AP and VE tags are IMPORTANT and should be ended by \s. Please set it correctly or else your hub soft will show here as unknown.
Posted by Derek at 2017-04-29 22:23:17
» New DC++ V.0.865 was released on Feb 1st 2017. Please upgrade.
» Verlihub has been released. Please visit devel. site to upgrade.
» Ptokax was released - !!! So far no bugs reported. Solid work !!.
» YNHUB users - please disable key check in settings - otherwise no stats will work in our hublist.
Posted by - Demona - at

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