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:: Our hublist uses pinger called [US]Proxima to get statistics from your DC server.
:: New DC++ V.0.865 was released on Feb 1st 2017. Please upgrade.
:: Verlihub has been released. Please visit devel. site to upgrade.
:: Ptokax was released - !!! So far no bugs reported. Solid work !!.
:: YNHUB users only!!! - please disable key check in settings - otherwise no stats will work in our hublist.
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::: To all DC Hub software developers:

NMDC - $Lock has to have hubsoft name somewhere before PK, and PK=soft version.
ADC - IINF APhubsoftname\s VEhubsoft version\s +whatever else is provided.
These tags are IMPORTANT and must be set correctly or else your hub soft will show here as "unknown".
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